Cooking cherries and porkWelcome to cook like a chef at home blog.

Who am I?

My name is Hanan Evyasaf, and I’m 51, married, and a father of 3 amazing children with a healthy appetite.
All my life, I loved cooking, and cooking was a way for me to express my creativity.

I used to work in a few restaurant’s kitchens, but my life and my career took me in other directions.

I have participated in the third season of Master Chef Israel, and in the last 21 years, I’m a proud member of a cooking club called “The Gentleman Club.”

So why call the blog cook like a chef at home?

I have built this blog to share my love and passion for cooking and the knowledge and tips I have learned on my culinary journey.
I believe that anyone can learn to cook as long as they have someone beside them with enough patience to teach them.

I want to share all the tools and tips you will need to cook, just like a chef in your kitchen.

What kind of recipes will you find here?

Here you will find a variety of recipes from different cuisines.

The recipes start from simple day-by-day dishes suited for beginners to more complex ones for the advanced cooks that will require advanced cooking techniques and advanced cooking appliances like sues-vide, ice cream machine, and more.

But have no fear. All the recipes come with clear instructions and pictures showing every step clearly and simply. You will also find tips, emphasis, and ideas for variation if available.

In recipes that require exotic ingredients or special appliances, I will suggest alternatives if possible.